In the interest of all guests we kindly ask you to observe the following Camp rules:

The holidays are intended for relaxation and rest. We are therefore asking you not to disturb the quiet from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. During these hours is the entrance gate locked.
The guests arriving during the night or the guests returning late are asked to park their vehicles outside the camp.
The driving speed within is limited to 10 km per hour.
The visitors of the camp-guests are asked to present themselves at the reception desk.
It is for the benefit of all guests that sanitary block and whole camp are clean and tidy at all times.
Please help in it by leaving toilets, showers and wash - basins clean after use. Little children please to be accompanied by parents while using sanitary amenities.
Put the garbage in the refuse containers.
The surfers are welcome in our camp but we ask them not to enter the sanitary block with surfing equipment and not to wash it there. Please use the indicated place outside (shower and hose).
Please keep your sails in sail racks or on your camping place. Same with other equipment.
Please enter the sanitary block in clean shoes only and see to it that small children do the same.
The guests are asked not to walk about the camp naked or in topless.
We like animals. Take care nevertheless that other guests do not feel annoyed by your your pets. Please take care that your dog relives itself outside the camp area, that it is fastened at at your camping place and you take it about the camp tied to the lead.
Please let us know about your departure(and pay your bill) 24 hours before leaving and leave place till 11:30 on departure day.
Please let us know about if you are not satisfied with something in our camp and if it is an any way possible we shall try to deal with it.
It is our greatest wish that your holidays spent here are pleasant and full of happy memories.

Yours sincerely, Ivo Mrčić and family